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Frequently Asked Questions

CECO Publishing, inc. is committed to offering you the best possible value for your advertising dollar.
Please contact us for a rate tailored to your business needs. 


Q. What are your contract terms?

A. We offer a variety of rates including: no contract prices, as well as pricing structures for 4-issue agreements, 6-issue agreements, and annual/13-issue agreements.

Q. Do you charge any additional fees?

A. No. We are all inclusive, our rates include the design of your printed ad as well as our online exposure, direct mail and syndication benefits. You can read more by choosing the "what is included" section under the home menu.

Q. How do I pay?

A. We will deliver a physical invoice to your office or through the mail. Payment will be due 15 days after receipt of invoice. We will also email a copy of your bill that you may pay online.

Q. Can I advertise only online?

A. Our prices include both our print and digital advertising streams allowing you to maximize your advertising reach.

Q. What is your circulation?

A. Homes&Land magazine is distributed throughout 5 counties. Our targeted distribution focuses on where people work, live and play (grocery stores, tourist destinations, gas stations, and hotels are a few examples). We have inside, outside and direct mail distribution.

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